Earn Income Referring Clients Through Residual Rewards!!


Earn Residual Income With Remote Accounting Services By Referring New Clients!

All new business referred to Remote Accounting Services nets the referrer a 25% residual on all services billed. The residual monies are paid at referrer’s preference (ACH, wire, check, PayPal, etc.). Whether it is a one-time transaction or several dozen throughout course of a calendar year; there is no limit to the amount of business you can refer. Referrers have a full calendar year from date of introduction to earn income!

Simple Referral Scenarios That Benefit You

  1. Referring a new tax client – Personal or Business.
  • Most tax transactions are submitted annually, but can be quarterly.
  • Fairly easy to engage; simply note any friends/family who have not filed taxes.
  • Anyone you know or run into who is going to corporate offices (H&R Block).
  1. Referring a new business client – Small to Mid Size.
  • The residuals on these referrals have higher earning potential.
  • The larger the business, the bigger your residual checks will be (Strictly one calendar year).
  1. Referring Consulting Projects or Correspondence.
  • Projects that need to be completed for a business, or personal client.
  • Projects can last several months or just a few days.
  • The more specific and complex the need, the more likely the residual earning rises.
  • Correspondence to IRS letters, prior year tax returns needed to be filed, miscellaneous accounting tasks.

To get more information simply click the Home or Contact pages and input your info with requests. We can also be reached at contact@remoteaccountingservices.co!

How We Work

The business model is to allow clients access to an accountant they can work with remotely. “Remotely” simply means the accountant working on their needs is not actually in their office or location. Clients have the option of providing a remote login, which allows the remote accountant to use their current software. Communication and adjustments are continued as often as needed. At completion of tasks billing can be done hourly, per project, monthly, and or annually.This allows for results real-time anywhere there is a wi-fi connection.

The process begins with a consultation to assess the need of the client and then provide a service to complete that objective. Communications through phone, email, and or virtual conferencing are channels engaged to build business relationship. This allows clients flexibility and lowers costs of hiring a part-time or even a full-time employee. A huge benefit to our model is our remote accountants work seven days a week and into even hours. Priority is completing required tasks and meeting deadlines. Such dedication to client service provides comfort and confidence on business. Clients are encouraged to ask as many questions as needed, and press for the results they envision.


Harry Ortiz