Bookkeeping Services

Remote Accounting Services Bookkeeping Services can be a major asset to any Mid to Small size business. Whether it’s cleaning up your current general ledger or improving processing functions, we can handle it all. Clients may find their current accountant/bookkeeper is double paying invoices or not following up on accounts receivable. This can be detrimental to the liquidity of the business and make you look unorganized. Frustrations from poor accounting can really slow down your sales and expansion in today’s competitive business markets. Clients have the option of using their own software by simply providing remote login information. Clients also have the options to mail any documents to our PO BOX, but it is our goal to have clients eventually go paperless. Paperless accounting allows for easier tracking of correspondence, invoices, payment confirmations, etc. These documents can be stored on the cloud or on clients’ in house server.


Bookkeeping Advantages

  • Free client business assessment.
  • Analysis of Chart of Accounts and notes on how to improve classifications.
  • Financial statement processing along with analysis on how to improve findings.
  • Approval on all business payments to be made (AP).
  • Ensuring all receivables are collected within collection terms (AR).
  • Bank Reconciliations on a monthly basis, as well as any postings needed for AR.
  • Payroll Services that are accurate and reviewed per pay cycle, no automated errors.
  • Providing clients real time answers with details to back our findings.
  • Options for creating budgets to better structure and assess business performance.
  • Expense tracking and credit card statement review on a monthly basis.
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