Payroll Services

Tired of dealing with payroll issues? Many businesses seek out large corporations to handle payroll. Large corporations’ primary focus is on their larger accounts, i.e. other corporations. Do not confuse company size with client service. Mid to Small size companies can put themselves at a disadvantage by thinking they are in good hands and not reviewing their quarterly statements. There have been cases upon review where clients had discrepancies on their tax liabilities both on Federal and State level.

Payroll Advantages with RAS

  • Flexibility – We can use your current bookkeeping system via remote access.
  • Due Diligence – Confirm percentages for any payroll deductions or liabilities withdrawn.
  • Federal & State Payroll Filings – Let us file your Quarterly Returns.
  • Government Document Storage – We can safely store W-4 Forms.
  • Allowances – Changing of allowances upon request for less/more tax out of weekly pay.
  • Convenience – All clients will have direct communication with RAS payroll, no middle man.
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